Deck Staining Contractors

If you are looking at your old deck and are not very happy at what you see then Deck Pros Canada Deck Washing and Deck Staining Service is the perfect solution to bring your OLD, GREY and TIRED LOOKING deck back to its original beauty.
Save time and money with Deck Pros Canada Deck Washing and Deck Staining Service. We will rescue your tired old deck and make it look like new! Our Deck Staining Company operates in the Oakville area.

Deck Staining Service Procedure

If your existing deck is already stained we will arrive and spray on a stain stripper to help remove the old stain so that the new deck stain will penetrate the wood properly. We will then power wash your deck removing the old stain and cleaning the wood thoroughly in preparation for the new stain.
Once your deck has dried sufficiently from the power washing process we will then give it a light sanding on the handrails and deck boards before applying the new deck stain.
We also repair any warped, rotten or broken deck boards with brand new deck boards because at Deck Pros Canada we understand that safety for you and your family is most important. Isn't that true?

Deck Staining Choices

Deck Pros Canada uses high quality deck stains. You can choose from a clear finish to a semi-transparent deck stain, where the wood grain still shows through, or a semi-solid deck stain which has more pigments then a semi-transparent deck stain. A solid deck stain is recommended for older decks and is also the most resilient of all the deck stain choices. So if you want your deck to look like new then give us a call today for your FREE ESTIMATE!